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Schools rezoning prompts lawsuit

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5th District voting by precinct


Stack pushing for unity behing challenger Agelasto

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POLL: Who is your choice for 5th District City Council?

Baliles, Agelasto, Jones lead fundraising in September

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Video from the 5th District Council Candidates Forum

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Shewmake, Agelasto to challenge Jewell

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Lee Shewmake makes her case for 5th District seat

First look at the council candidates’ fund-raising

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Gammino faults Jewell for demagoguery, failing to build coalitions

Shewmake joins Gammino and Jewell in contest for 5th District seat

The Southside community blog Hills and Heights is reporting that Lee Shewmake will also be in the running for the 5th District City Council seat, joining David Gammino in the attempt to unseat the incumbent Marty Jewell.

Gammino looking to challenge Jewell for 5th District seat

Richmond developer and contractor David M. Gammino has formed a campaign organization to challenge Jewell in November [...] Gammino, 47, is a resident of Byrd Park who is owner of City & Guilds, a general contracting firm and developer that rehabilitates and adapts old buildings for new uses. He filed a statement of organization Dec. […]

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Anticipating the local 2012 elections

This year Richmonders will be voting at the local level for city council, school board, and mayor. Candidates have until summer to officially get on the ballot; here is a look at where we start off 2012…

Council approves 2 requests on City Stadium

City Council last night approved 2 requests to study the future of the City Stadium site: A resolution offered by Councilman E. Martin Jewell was approved unanimously for a study of options for maximizing the property’s use as a stadium. Another, more controversial measure, introduced by Council President Kathy C. Graziano and Vice President Ellen […]

Council to consider options for City Stadium

City Council President Kathy C. Graziano and Vice President Ellen F. Robertson want a review of the site’s “highest and best use” after Councilman E. Martin Jewell in March proposed a more limited study focused on the facility’s value and marketability. [...] Jewell, whose 5th District includes City Stadium, as well as the GRTC site […]

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Thursday’s 5th District meeting to address City Stadium

City looking to develop City Stadium?

The RTD has a piece this morning on possible development of City Stadium: A developer is eyeing Richmond’s City Stadium for possible development, but the community should also consider ways to make the 16.5-acre property near Carytown a better venue for athletic events, City Councilman E. Martin Jewell said. [...] Virginia Commonwealth University, which has […]

City Council Monday

For those who are interested, the following items were placed on the agenda by our esteemed City Council Members. For the complete agenda, click here ****************************************** Res. No. 2009-R156 (Patrons: Mr. Jewell and Mr. Tyler) – To approve a policy governing the release and distribution of audit reports. Res. No. 2010-R7 (Patron: Mr. Jewell) – […]

Councilman Marty Jewell to hold meeting in Central 5th District

All Central 5th District citizens are invited and encouraged to attend WHAT Richmond City Councilman Marty Jewell, Central 5th District, will hold a meeting in the Central 5th District. Councilman Jewell holds individual meetings throughout the year that include information on his goals and accomplishments; a topical agenda; and, special guests. The meeting is free […]

Councilman Jewell is sentenced

It looks like 5th District Councilman Martin Jewell will not actually spend anytime in jail as he received his sentence yesterday. According to the RichmondTimes Dispatch, Substitute Judge Randy Rowlett fined Jewell $500, with $250 suspended, and imposed a 90-day jail sentence with the time suspended for three years. Jewell’s driver license also was suspended […]

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