Richmond’s newest great rivalry?

Yapple Yogurt, Carytown’s newest frozen yogurt shop, opened yesterday right next Sweet Frog, the king daddy of RVA fro yo.

Richmond BizSense looks into what HAS to be an instant rivalry for the ages:

On Yapple’s first day in business on Cary Street, six Sweet Frog employees stood outside and tried to direct pedestrians into their shop. A Sweet Frog mascot danced and pointed to the Sweet Frog store. Sweet Frog also parked two branded cars on the street in front of Yapple’s door.


  1. #1 • Andrew •

    I will stick with the locals………Bev’s

  2. #2 • Chris •

    Let the Cute Anime Bears (yapple) and Religious Agenda Frogs fight it out in big box franchise land. Bev’s is the only local icecream shop in Carytown.

  3. #3 • J •

    they both suck…go to bev’s!

  4. #4 • Laura Pilati •