Local musician complains that “middle aged Negroes” at Kroger have a more “uppity attitude”

Richmond throwback singer-songwriter Meade Skelton likes getting his dinner at Kroger, he writes about it on his Tumblr:

I enjoy going to Kroger’s and getting a 2 pc chicken dinner . I get baked, not fried. (I eat healthy!). So then I had macaroni and cheese, and collard greens with it, and a dinner roll. It was very good in my mouth. I just love going there. The people that work there are really nice. Except some of them have a more uppity attitude. I notice its worse with the middle aged Negroes, than the younger ones. I guess they were taught to hate white people. Oh, well. I certainly don’t hate them. After I had my dinner, I bought some delicious cookies that are chocolate chip with a vanilla filling in the center.

UPDATE: Skelton deletes 1st racist post, apologizes to “those of the colored race”


  1. #1 • Beth •

    oh meade…

  2. #2 • bgwtf •

    This guy’s still around? His act was tiresome 8 years ago.

  3. #3 • Meade •

    Hello, I am so sorry that what I wrote caused such a stir! I have removed it from my blog. It was not meant to be an attack on any race or creed. I was simply making an observation on how I was treated.

  4. #4 • Nope •

    Meade, you can’t sorry your way out of posting racist shot on Tumblr. You can’t say that “negroes are uppity” and NOT have it be an attack. If you truly believe otherwise, you are dangerously ignorant.

  5. #5 • zxc •

    This guy is a bad joke, right?

  6. #6 • wotbn •

    Meade’s “apology”:

    My name is Meade Skelton, and I am a Country singer from Richmond, Virginia. I wrote something very unflattering about the employees of Kroger’s- and commented on their race. This was something I think was wrong of me to do. I don’t judge people based on their race, and I was doing that when I wrote that “middle aged negroes were more uppity in attitude than younger ones”. I think that is a very wrong thing to say- because its not their race, its the individual people that were not treating me politely. I do apologize to anyone- especially those of the colored race, and I hope that they understand that I don’t disrespect people based on any race, but on the content of their character. As of now, I hope that whatever fans and friends I have left, can forgive this ‘ol boy for putting his foot in his mouth.

    God Bless your Musician Friend,

    Meade Skelton,

  7. #7 • bgwtf •

    This has been this guy’s shtick for years: Say something moderately outrageous on online venue, wait for someone to point it out, then put out an ‘Aw, shucks…’ apology.

    He doesn’t deserve the publicity.

  8. #8 • fairfaxunderground •

    Meade Skelton is a notorious troll, and many consider him to be a psychopath. Just search for Meade Skelton on google and you will see thousands of fake reviews of his own music written by himself.

  9. #9 • JackL •

    He is not a psychopath.. He is autistic.

  10. #10 • FFXU •

    He is a racist. The guy is in is late 30′s, he is not that old. He was not raised in a time when “Negro” was an appropriate word. Autism is not an excuse to be racist. This was the final nail in his coffin for stardom. No producer is going to touch him with a 10 foot pole now.

  11. #11 • Paul Hammond •

    Taking Meade Skelton seriously makes about as much sense does taking Andy Kaufman seriously. It’s a big waste of time.

  12. #12 • Danny Greenfield •

    He is not autistic, he has a touch of Down’s Syndrome.

  13. #13 • JackL •

    Um, Meade Skelton is in his early 30s. He was born in 1979.

  14. #14 • Uppity man •

    I wonder if this controversy will prevent him from getting his usual gigs in supermarket parking lots and coffee houses.

  15. #15 • Dallas •

    Meade simply expresses himself on his own blog. He’s not a role model nor is he in a position that requires political correctness. He’s just an individual who’s honest with his perceptions and feelings. It’s what makes him interesting while most other people are dullards.

  16. #16 • Houston •

    You’re right, he’s certainly no role model. He is, though, by choice something of a public figure, who is publishing racist rants on a very public blog.

    Meade’s perceptions are one thing, his vocabulary is something else. It is entirely beyond the realm of political correctness to expect public figures to not use loaded racist language. If he believes that he is experiencing some kind of reverse racist behavior, there are ways of expressing that. What he said, though, is in itself inherently racist, using vocabulary out of our past that does not at all allow for misinterpretation.

    So, yeah, fuck that guy.

  17. #17 • Todd Woodson •

    That’s quite enough, people. We are all fallen.

  18. #18 • RogertE. •

    I usually don’t find anything racist remotely funny, but reading his post, I just had to burst out laughing. Its written in an almost Andy Kauffman style way. Nothing about it even strikes me as inflammatory, but rather naive and simple minded. I can’t believe people are taking it seriously, and moreover, that people are concerned of the ramblings of a local Country singer, when we have a possible major Hurricane storm that is heading right near us.

  19. #19 • eeshFFXU •

    We at FFXU do not tolerate racism of any kind. Not even the funny kind because there isn’t any funny kind of racism in our opinion. And that’s why we support Kroger’s decision to ban the Meade Skelton from 4 of its fine shopping establishments.

  20. #20 • Not a fan •

    Meade is seriously disturbed. Do you realize that probably half these responses, if not more, were written by Meade?

  21. #21 • Colonel Klink •

    Meade has destroyed any hope of having a career singing crappy folksy songs to Virginians. At this point, he should move to California and start a career in rap music.

  22. #22 • R.E. LEE •

    Meade Skelton is very talented. He’s also very stupid for making such comments on his own personal blog , and then making a vain attempt to apologize. Perhaps he did experience what we call “reverse racism”, but that is no reason to say what he did. if he had a problem he should have spoken to the management. I think we can all learn from this. A lot more people are watching you than you think!

  23. #23 • Tyrone •

    I thought Meade was funny and clever until I read the racist remarks that he made. I hope he considers a career change, or either gets out of town before someone tracks him down. You can’t say stuff like that on the internet.

  24. #24 • Karen •

    Meade deleted his Tumblr. Thanks a lot, jerks.

  25. #25 • SirWilliamsburg •

    In the ultimate Hipster Irony, Skelton makes ironic racist quips. Saying “he certainly doesn’t hate them”, after making antiquated racial demarcations. All the while using “aw shucks” southern manners and naeivityThis is all part of hipster irony at its finest. From the man who complains about hipsters.

  26. #26 • My Knees Hurt so they don't grow •

    Is this fool crazy? Or is this fake. Negroes? Really? WTF. I just died.

  27. #27 • Sal •

    I believe he knows his music career has failed and he is now expressing his anger on the internet.

  28. #28 • Bob W. •

    This Meade fella thrives on the attention he generates by offending people. Sounds like he could use some good psychiatric care.

  29. #29 • Lester •

    Meade isn’t sorry. Maybe it’s time for him to move to another town.

  30. #30 • AutismAwareness •

    Meade is an autistic young man . Many people with autism say and do things that are deemed socially inappropriate. I don’t think his intention was to be hateful or cause trouble .

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  32. #31 • Jody •

    Meade is a great talent. We can’t let his personal opinions overshadow that!