Dunkin Donuts coming to Carytown

It looks like a Dunkin Donuts will be opening in the former 7-ll across from Martin’s: Richmond BizSense is reporting that “Dunkin Brands leased 2,300 square feet at 11 S. Nansemond Street in Richmond”


  1. #1 • ironywatch •

    Get over it. There’s a frickin Micky D’s across the street. Make sure you go protest that too.

  2. #2 • Yoo Hoo •

    Donuts that are shipped in from somewhere else and not made fresh?!?! Get over yourself….what are you getting excited about, really?!?!

  3. #3 • Angela P. •

    Parts of Carytown are turning into a suburban shopping center…what’s next, Target? Walmart? Taco Bell? Great…

  4. #4 • Melissa •

    I’d love to see Dixie Donuts start making yeast donuts along with their delicious cake donuts, to help them compete with Dunkin Donuts. Given that two separate incarnations of Ben & Jerry’s couldn’t make it in the face of Richmond’s loyalty to Bev’s, I hope we have a competition on our hands, and I hope Dixie Donuts is the winner.

  5. #5 • DQ •

    I’d LOVE to see a Target at those GRTC buildings at Robinson and Cary.

  6. #6 • Bridget •

    Great news. Tired of seeing properties sit vacant.

  7. #7 • Grant •

    Gross. What next, Panera?


  8. #8 • Anon •

    Definitely won’t support this. I don’t like Dixie, but I’ll certainly take them over frozen, shipped in product.

  9. #9 • Charlie Bennett •

    Any word on when this is opening? DD’s donuts may be gross, but I miss their coffee and having one nearby like I had growing up in Jersey.

  10. #10 • R.E.Lee •

    Dunkin’ Donuts? Why can’t we get Krispy Kreme!??

  11. #11 • bhw •

    Drove by the other day and noticed that there is also going to be a Baskin & Robbins store connected to it. Enough of the chain stores already!