Did you have a gold charm bracelet stolen 20 years ago?

Did you have a gold charm bracelet stolen approximately 20 years ago? (I have it.)

Approximately 20 years ago, you had someone doing what I believe was some sort of handyman services at your home. The guy’s name was Mark N. I believe you are/were a school teacher, and lived on Cary St. Anyway, I believe he stole some items from you & I have one of them in my possession. I would like to return this item as I’m sure it has sentimental value. It’s a gold charm bracelet. All I need is for you to correctly identify it.

E-mails with incorrect identification will not receive a reply………

Please put “charm bracelet” in the subject line so I can weed out the spam. Thanks.


  1. #1 • Sean •

    What I would call a long shot….

  2. #2 • Kelly Avellino •

    If you find the owner of the bracelet, let me know!!!

    Kelly Avellino,
    NBC 12 News